Newsletter Growth: Open Rates Cheat Sheet on Notion

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Newsletter Growth: Open Rates Cheat Sheet on Notion

Sakshi Shukla
17 ratings


Below is a screenshot of the open rates for one of my client newsletters with 5k+ readers. 👇

I've written over 12 issues by now and our average open rate is WAYY above the normal 10-15%.

To help you do the same I made a list of 10 tricks and frameworks that helped me achieve this.

If you find this helpful, share it with a friend or your community. :)

Happy Growing!


Over 180 people have bought the cheat sheet in just 3 days of launch! WOW! I aim to keep updating this cheat sheet, as I learn and experiment with more ideas.

📢 More cheat sheets to come ahead!

I've been working with 3 people to grow their newsletters and the results have been mindblowing. :)

I aim to pass on the unconventional tricks of the trade. Stay tuned.

- Sakshi

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